Components of a smallpox vaccination kit including the diluent, a vial of Dryvax® smallpox vaccine, and a bifurcated needle.

I Shall Not Take Any More Vaccines

The State of California does NOT own my body. I am a sovereign citizen. I have inherent, inalienable rights which the government cannot take away because they come from my Creator. Representative Adam Schiff and all California lawmakers have no right passing laws which mandate that people take vaccines against their will. Aside from the dangers of modern vaccinations that are getting covered up, the evidence is overwhelming that we are poisoning ourselves and our children. Do they think we’re stupid? Hell no!

My Own Experience with Vaccines

Enough is enough! I may have received an autoimmune disease after leaving the US Marine Corps in 2012 due to the vaccines they made me take over six years. I am detoxifying myself well, as a plant based human who eats upwards of 95% organic foods. However, I have an eczema rash on my right ankle that appeared about a year after resigning my commission. I always ate healthy, going way back to my teenage years. I am almost convinced this skin condition is the result of the vaccines.

The flu shot, which I had to take multiple times, is full of formaldehyde, aluminum, animal parts, etc.—don’t tell me they’re too small of doses to cause adverse effects. The body can strengthen its immunity naturally. We do NOT need vaccines to protect ourselves and our children from disease.

The autism epidemic is on the rise, and inflammatory skin diseases are very common. Simultaneously, people are being heavily treated with vaccines. This is DISGUSTING.

A Founding Father Warns of Medical Tyranny

Most noteworthy, the first Americans who rebelled against the British Crown were extremely intellectual. Can you believe someone actually spoke out in the 1700s concerning medical freedom and the right to self-govern one’s own body? Physician Benjamin Rush had this to say:

“Unless we put medical freedom into the Constitution, the time will come
when medicine will organize into an undercover dictatorship to restrict
the art of healing to one class of Men and deny equal privileges to
others; the Constitution of the Republic should make a Special
privilege for medical freedoms as well as religious freedom.”

—Benjamin Rush

They were ahead of their time. The core principle regarding this whole vaccine debate is that WE HAVE A RIGHT TO CHOOSE. The government does NOT own our bodies, and passing laws that make mandatory dosing without material consequences is unAmerican, unconstitutional, and just plain CRIMINAL. If a law says that you cannot get employed, receive public assistance or be admitted in a university without getting state mandated vaccines—we are living in under tyranny!

Chiropractor John Bergman is Speaking Out with Courage

Dr. John Bergman, DC, highlights the Founders’ ideologies of individual liberty and personal sovereignty from the Bill of Rights. He mentions Benjamin Rush’s quote, which emphasizes how our forebears were ahead of their time concerning the likelihood of state medical tyranny. Dr. Bergman also talks about this growing epidemic of illness on the rise among the population—ever since vaccinations have been heavily administered to the public. Rep. Adam Schiff shall be judged.

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